Friday, July 21, 2017

Develop the Whole Sales Automation on ActiveCampaign (Week 3 - Week 4)

At week 3 - week 4, I developed the whole sales automation on ActiveCampaign. I tired to make a simplest series first and then added some conditions like "If/Else" condition. 
For example, I made a simple scenario for "New Welcome Customer" series. It starts from tagging prospects "New Welcome Series" when they click one of the button in our website and subscribe our newsletter. After then we send an welcome email, follow-up email, and more. This is the simplest scenarios for "New Welcome Series".
In reality, each customer reacts differently. For instance, someone may open our welcome email but may not open follow-up email and stops their interactions. On the other hand, someone may open both welcome email and follow-up email and want to know more about us or even desire to buy one of our products. For every scenarios, we need to make a really complicated and comprehensive automation base.
In the end, I developed the whole sales automation base (platform) with 8 conditions, 6 tags to distinguish or identify customers, 10 automation series, and many emails.

However, it is really dangerous to apply this whole automation base to the all customers. If we click "Active" button, it starts the automation no matter what it contains some error messages or error series. This is why we need to test a small version of automation base first and then expand it to whole automation. In addition, in the testing stage, we can do A B testing. Briefly, A B testing is to test two contents for small audience first and then take the winner content and apply it to the last of audience.
For example, we send an email to 10% of the audience with different subject names but with the same content: 5% of audience with Subject A and 5% of audience with Subject B. Once we find out the winning subject name (either A or B), we are going to apply it to the last of 80% audience. This technique is really powerful since we can know our customers' preference and can increase open email rates

Next time, I will post the detail of A B testing and how to use it.

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