Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Developing A B Testing (Week 4- Week 5)

In week 4- week 5, I developed a simple version of automation to test if it works before we activate the whole automation. During this testing stage, I developed A B testing, sometimes called Split Testing. Before I share what kind of A B testing I created for my company, I will discuss what A B testing is.

What is A B testing?

A B testing is a marketing technique to test two contents in a small audience first and apply a winning content to the large audience later. This technique is really useful and effective on knowing customers' preference before we target the large audience.

Here's is an example.

Let's assume that you are working at the travel agency and assigned to develop a seasonal email newsletter for your 100 customers.
You have 2 great contents for your newsletter but don't know which one customers like more.
In this case, you can use  A B testing technique to identify how sample customers respond to each contents. For example, you send content A to 10 customers (10%)  and send content B to 10 other customers.  (10%). You will track which one has more high response rate and/or conversion rate. Based on these rates, you can decide which content win the A B testing and apply it to the rest of your 80 customers (80%). By doing this, you can get more customers' attentions which can lead you to have high a conversion rate.

You can use this technique in many other ways.
For example, you can develop two exact same email newsletters with different subject lines. For example, subject line A is "Summer is coming soon! Are you ready?" and another subject line B is "It is getting hotter and hotter. Do you need a place to be cool?" In this case, you can track which one has a higher open rate to identify the winning subject line.

There are many things to test. Here's are some examples of what you can test for your email, social media, and even your website.

  1. Headlines
  2. Sub headlines
  3. Subject lines
  4. Paragraph Text
  5. Testimonials
  6. Call to Action text
  7. Call to Action Button
  8. Links
  9. Images
  10. Videos
  11. Social proof
  12. Different day and time
  13. Media mentions
  14. Awards and badges

What kind of A B Testing I developed for my company

For my company, I created 6 email campaigns and developed 4-5 A B testing. For one email campaign, I developed an A B testing which use different subject lines with the exact same contents. For 2-3 email campaigns, I made A B testing which tests customers preference over embedded video VS a link to video in their emails. At one email campaign, I tested two different contents with the same subject line.

Next post,
I will keep updating my work at my company and share my progress with you.

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