Thursday, August 10, 2017

Summary of the Work (Week 8- Week 9)

During the internship, I determined company sales funnel, implemented marketing automation system using ActiveCampaign, and created targeted landing pages for the company.

Below is my timeline which shows how many weeks I spent for each work.
  1. Determined company sales funnel (2 weeks)
  2. Implemented marketing automation system using ActiveCampaign (5-6 weeks)
    • Determined the whole marketing automation system (2 weeks)
    • Developed a simple automation system for testing purspose (1 week)
    • Created 6 email campaigns using A B Testing (1-2 weeks)
  3. Created targeted landing pages for the company (2 weeks)
Because I did some works concurrently, it shows more than 8 weeks.

I am really glad that I could have worked for DistinguishMe, interact with many people from different areas, learn digital marketing and web analytic (Google Analytics), and hear many live lectures from business professionals.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Developing "Program" Landing Page (Week 7- Week 8)

During week 7 - week 8, I developed a "Program" landing page. Though I really enjoyed making it, it took some time to develop it since I have never used Divi plugin on WordPress before. Our company has developed their website using Divi plugin and Thrive plugin. To be familiarized with Divi, I needed to watch many official Divi tutorial videos on YouTube. After watched them and studied for them, I created a demo web page to practice Divi before I actually started to develop a landing page. Still I need to modify "Program" landing page by this weekend, I think our company is ready to use three landing pages which Brandon, my co-intern, and I have worked on really soon.

Two More Weeks to Wrap Up

I have two more weeks to wrap up my project at DistinguishMe. I am going to finish making three landing pages and start the automation that I created two weeks ago by next week. I am really excited to see how the automation actually works and how our customers respond to our campaign activities. Since it is a 8 weeks internship, I may not see the complete result but will be able to see the first result for a couple of Campaigns.

During the Internship, Moses Lee and Matt Gibson, who are Co-CEO of DistinguishMe, helped me to prepare for my resume and gave me some good advice for the future job as well. I am really glad that I had an opportunity to work with great people and can see how the start up company works.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Developing Landing Pages (Week 6- Week 7)

After developing 6 email campaigns on ActiveCampaign, we found out that we needed to develop three landing pages for email #5 and email #6: 1. Exclusive 15 Minutes Call page, 2. Introducing Program page with FAQ, 3. Program Register page

To develop our landing pages, Brandon, my new co-intern, and I did below.

  1. Watched some tutorial videos of WordPress and Divi plugin
    • Our company has used Divi plugin to develop the website on WordPress but Brandon and I had never used it before. So we studied it first and then we actually used it.
  2. Drafted the Lading Pages Skeleton
  3. Divided the work: Brandon developed the Program Register page while I developed the Exclusive 15 Minutes Call page and Introducing Program pages.
  4. At the weekly meeting, we reviewed what we had developed so far with our supervisor and identified what we should modify by next week.
Developing the web pages are a lot of fun, but it needs a great amount of time and effort. To complete the pages, we need to be patient and communicate well with each other about what to put in each page.

Next time, I will share how our landing pages are created.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Google Analytics Certification

During the summer internship, I had studied Google Analytics for a month. In July, I took the exam and passed it!
Here is the strategy that I used to pass the exam.

  1. Registered for "Google Partners"
  2. Created a blog (this blog)
  3. Added tracking code to the blog
  1. Registered for "Google Analytics Academy"
  2. Followed the instruction and watched the videos on Google Analytics Academy
  3. Reviewed them and took assessment tests after studying each section
  4. Practiced them on my Google Analytics which showed my web traffic of my blog
Taking the Exam
  1. Reviewed what I had learned
  2. Took the Exam
To be honest, I took the exam in July to see how hard the test was and didn't expect to pass it. Fortunately, I could pass it in my first attempt.
Many peers of mine took a strategy that they took it at the beginning of their studies just to see how hard it was. That was the exact strategy which I followed too. Of course, many failed at first but could have an idea about how to study and what the exam wanted to question us. I think this is a really good strategy because we could make a plan on how to study after taking the practice test.
Anyhow, if you want to study Google Analytics and pass the exam, I recommend you to follow my strategy and don't be afraid of taking the test early. You have multiple chances to pass the exam and even if you fail the exam, you can have an idea about what the exam wants to test you.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Developing Email Campaigns (Week 5- Week 6)

In week 5 - 6, we developed and modified 6 email campaigns on ActiveCampaign for a simple automation.

Here is how it works on ActiveCampaign.

The simple automation with 6 email campaigns.
*I got a confirmation from my supervisor, Matt to share this information and some diagrams on my blog.

1. Created 6 Campaigns: “Campaign Test Split Email #1”, “Campaign Test Split Email#2”,       “Campaign Test Split Email#3B” (“Campaign Test Split Email#3”), “Campaign Test Split Email#4”,   and “Campaign Test Split Email#5” with A B testing (Split Testing) on Campaign

2. Add campaigns into automation by using “If/Else” conditions (*Once “Campaign Test Split Email #1” starts, the Whole Warm Up Automation Serie will begin.)

3. Add Tag after each campaign (after each If/Else conditions): 
e.g. Tag “Warm Up Series Email#1 (David)” after campaign 1 (after first If/else condition)

4. After each tag, I used that tag to start another campaign:

e.g. Create Email#1 campaign (Campaign)=> Create “If/Else” condition on Automation => Create a tag “Warm Up Series Email#1 (David)” (Automation) => Create Email #2 campaign for customers who is tagged “Warm Up Series Email#1 (David)”

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Social Media Development by 2017 Digital Clinic Interns

We, 2017 Digital Clinic Interns, have developed Instagram, Snapchat Take Over, and Blog posts on EMU Center for Digital Engagement to share what we have done and what we have learned so far.

Here is some examples of what we feel about our internship:

You can also find out our activities like our meeting with great guest speakers on our blog!!

If you want to check out more pictures, please go to our Instagram!
Below is my picture with one of our guest speakers, Jorel McCree on our Instagram.