Friday, August 4, 2017

Developing Email Campaigns (Week 5- Week 6)

In week 5 - 6, we developed and modified 6 email campaigns on ActiveCampaign for a simple automation.

Here is how it works on ActiveCampaign.

The simple automation with 6 email campaigns.
*I got a confirmation from my supervisor, Matt to share this information and some diagrams on my blog.

1. Created 6 Campaigns: “Campaign Test Split Email #1”, “Campaign Test Split Email#2”,       “Campaign Test Split Email#3B” (“Campaign Test Split Email#3”), “Campaign Test Split Email#4”,   and “Campaign Test Split Email#5” with A B testing (Split Testing) on Campaign

2. Add campaigns into automation by using “If/Else” conditions (*Once “Campaign Test Split Email #1” starts, the Whole Warm Up Automation Serie will begin.)

3. Add Tag after each campaign (after each If/Else conditions): 
e.g. Tag “Warm Up Series Email#1 (David)” after campaign 1 (after first If/else condition)

4. After each tag, I used that tag to start another campaign:

e.g. Create Email#1 campaign (Campaign)=> Create “If/Else” condition on Automation => Create a tag “Warm Up Series Email#1 (David)” (Automation) => Create Email #2 campaign for customers who is tagged “Warm Up Series Email#1 (David)”

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