Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Developing Landing Pages (Week 6- Week 7)

After developing 6 email campaigns on ActiveCampaign, we found out that we needed to develop three landing pages for email #5 and email #6: 1. Exclusive 15 Minutes Call page, 2. Introducing Program page with FAQ, 3. Program Register page

To develop our landing pages, Brandon, my new co-intern, and I did below.

  1. Watched some tutorial videos of WordPress and Divi plugin
    • Our company has used Divi plugin to develop the website on WordPress but Brandon and I had never used it before. So we studied it first and then we actually used it.
  2. Drafted the Lading Pages Skeleton
  3. Divided the work: Brandon developed the Program Register page while I developed the Exclusive 15 Minutes Call page and Introducing Program pages.
  4. At the weekly meeting, we reviewed what we had developed so far with our supervisor and identified what we should modify by next week.
Developing the web pages are a lot of fun, but it needs a great amount of time and effort. To complete the pages, we need to be patient and communicate well with each other about what to put in each page.

Next time, I will share how our landing pages are created.

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