Saturday, August 5, 2017

Google Analytics Certification

During the summer internship, I had studied Google Analytics for a month. In July, I took the exam and passed it!
Here is the strategy that I used to pass the exam.

  1. Registered for "Google Partners"
  2. Created a blog (this blog)
  3. Added tracking code to the blog
  1. Registered for "Google Analytics Academy"
  2. Followed the instruction and watched the videos on Google Analytics Academy
  3. Reviewed them and took assessment tests after studying each section
  4. Practiced them on my Google Analytics which showed my web traffic of my blog
Taking the Exam
  1. Reviewed what I had learned
  2. Took the Exam
To be honest, I took the exam in July to see how hard the test was and didn't expect to pass it. Fortunately, I could pass it in my first attempt.
Many peers of mine took a strategy that they took it at the beginning of their studies just to see how hard it was. That was the exact strategy which I followed too. Of course, many failed at first but could have an idea about how to study and what the exam wanted to question us. I think this is a really good strategy because we could make a plan on how to study after taking the practice test.
Anyhow, if you want to study Google Analytics and pass the exam, I recommend you to follow my strategy and don't be afraid of taking the test early. You have multiple chances to pass the exam and even if you fail the exam, you can have an idea about what the exam wants to test you.

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